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July 18, 2012
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Donor. by F-AYN-T Donor. by F-AYN-T
Inspired by the movie, Never Let Me Go.

Just check out my blog for a complete descript of this artwork/why I drew something like this ---- [link]

Anyway, I highly recommend the movie!

Used a mechanical pencil, 8B pencil and red color pencil for this then tweaked in PSCS6.
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No problem at all, keep it up always! :iconhugglesplz:
OMword... I've never seen the film myself (Sounds very bleak from what I've read in your blog) but this really striked a very strong chord here.

While the anonymous status of the OC (blindfolded) leaves much to be desired, it acutally adds to the broad thematic feel of the artwork and amps up the viewer's wariness. Also even your art-style translates very well through sketch-based pencils; maintaining wholesome forms (Her smooth figure, and the gently ruffling folds of her torn tank's ends) and a very clean quality of tones and lineworks within a sketch based lens. Only biting touches of colour is applied in crimson blood for the title and her stitches, and it really brings together an authentic sense of urgency, pathos & tragic twist. One really does feel pity for her here. :star::heart::star:

This approach is different from your norm (Lush colours & overall positive atmosphere) yet it works perfectly for this piece's message & character, I can't imagine this in colour. Also this reflects a stronger level of tackling ethical issues through stylized dark artwork. Thanks So Much for sharing this, it's amazing to see you grow and expand with your art-style. :iconpolitebowplz:
GhostlyHumor98 Jul 18, 2012  Student Writer
O my gosh. Never let me go came to mind IMEDIATLY. That movie is so good. I loved it. Great piece by the way. :clap:
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